The way this will work if passed:

I'm not going to go into all the details here but if you would like click here for Net neutrality: What it is, why you should care

Let's just say you are, it doesn't matter what service you offer or product you sell.  It can be anything from Homemade Soaps, Orthopedic Equipment, Automobile Parts, Mobility Equipment or just a local restaurant that wants to have your menu on line for your customers.

Now you "" have paid good money to have your website designed, published and search engine optimized...  It's hard enough already for you, the local company to compete against national corporate giants. After all they already outspend you in television, print and on line advertising, right? 

Well now under these proposed rules they could pay a fee "an advertising fee" if you will to the Broadband Carriers, AT&T, Comcast etc... to have their content provided to the consumer at a faster speed than yours. Now you go to your site and it takes forever for your content to load in the browser.  You go to and their page pops right up. 

Your paying the same fee for hosting, design, SEO, can you also afford to pay a large fee to have your content loaded just as quickly as theirs?  In most cases probably not.

This practice is not fair for the small business owner, not fair for the consumer and by any sense of the means is anti competitive. Keep The Net Neutral.

Senator Al Franken fired off a two-page memo (PDF) that also takes exception to the FCC’s proposal:

“Struggling to craft a ‘commercially reasonable’ standard misses the point: Pay-to-play arrangements are inherently discriminatory and anticompetitive, and therefore should be prohibited as a matter of public policy. They increase costs for consumers and give ISPs a disincentive to improve their broadband networks — undermining the FCC’s mission to protect the public interest and strengthen the nation’s broadband infrastructure.”


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