Why buy my computer locally?

Not in our area? OK, you might be too far away to buy a PC from me. (If in doubt, call us at +1 607-542-9068). But even if you’re far away, you can still learn why a local shop can sell you a computer that is much better for YOU than anything you can order over the Internet or as a p prebuilt box from a chain store.

You could buy what’s called a ‘PC-in-a-box’. Some people should do that. It’s perfectly OK, if all these facts are true:

  • You know what you’re doing, and aren’t scared of getting into the guts and settings of computers.
  • There is no old computer to transfer data from, or only a few documents.
  • You know how to download new drivers for all your PC hardware.
  • You know how to connect a new computer to your existing Internet connection or business network.
  • You know how to uninstall startupware, advertising, and crapware from a new PC.
  • Your time is worth very little, or you get free help from work.

So, that means that a small percentage of the population who are replacing machines could buy a PC off the shelf in their local big-box retailer, or by surfing at one of the big Internet bundle-builders. You know who I mean–they’ll sell you anything you want, so long as it’s bundled into their online check boxes with other items. They do assembly line production.

For everyone else, it’s best to buy from a local shop. Not everything I write here will apply to every shop, but it does to mine.

Services available, and usually included:

  • Analysis of how much computer you really need and might need in the future, including what it has to do, where it has to run, what it has to connect to, and what existing information has to be moved from an older machine. That’s all in the quote.
  • We do the research of system requirements for existing industry-specific computer software.
  • Special ordering of anything and everything you need, either software or hardware, to be pre-configured and ready to work when you get your computer.
  • Coordination with technical support for commercial software applications that must be publisher-installed.
  • Planning of the changeover. Depending on the scope of the job, there could be pickup, data transfer, backup to an external source, transfer of the data and certain settings from the old computer’s hard drive, pre-installation of drivers for new devices, network connections to be made and delivery and on-site setup as-needed.
  • Custom build of your new computer, we’ll listen to you to determine your computer needs and we’ll quote a complete solution that is specific for you and without all of the FREE 90 day trial software that comes with most retailers PC’s.
  • Security software is pre-installed (anti-virus, and whatever else you’ll need), chosen based on what works, and not based on which corporation would pay us $10 in kickbacks for each “free” 90-day product we install.
  • All software patches are up-to-date.
  • No startupware, no advertising on your screen, no slowdowns from software you didn’t want.
  • Security wipe of your old computer, or data-safe recycling, so it’s ready give to an employee or family member.

Overall: a computer that’s ready to use when you turn it on, with your data on it.

Costs are generally similar to the PC-in-a-box setups, after you add their delivery charges, which don’t cover all that a local shop can do. And after the sale, we’re still local, and the PC-in-a-box company has suddenly sent you to overseas technical support that puts you in on-hold for an hour, then disconnects your call, and eventually reads to you from a script. That’s before they blame your problems on the gadget you bought from them last year. J & S doesn’t outsource our support to overseas companies. We listen to what you need. We don’t install stuff you didn’t want and don’t need. And we keep answering the phone, and replying to emails, long after you have your computer, since 2000.